Android 2.2.1

Pre-installed Swype version is much faster with Android 2.2.1. The GPS is also more responsive.

iTunes naming convention in foobar2000

$cut($ifgreater(%totaldiscs%,1,%discnumber%-,)%tracknumber% %title%,36)

PC2003 HDD configuration

Nothing much has changed since last year’s configuration apart from a failed hard disk drive. SATA0   – WD1001FALS SATA1   – None PATA PM – ST3750640A PATA PS – WD3000JB PATA SM – DVDRW PATA SS – None I bought a 2 TB hard disk to replace the failed 750 GB. The failed hard disk will be used as an external drive for archival as Archive003. The 2 TB hard disk will be Movies002. WD1001FALSPartitioned to 3 partitions: WINDOWS, DOCS and DATA, the WD1001FALS is the booting hard disk in this PC. DATA is used for Music, ASOT, Photos and all other data storage purposes. WD3000JBLabelled as DUMP, it is used for downloading torrents. ST3750640AUsed as the SERVER hard disk. It is used to temporarily store Music Videos, Software until they are copied to dedicated external hard disks.

Samsung Galaxy S issues

Battery not properly charging Possible solution – recommended every ~30 charges, or when the battery won't hold chargePhone POWER ON (Enter PIN) – charge to 100% Disconnect charger Phone POWER OFF Connect charger – charge to 100% Disconnect charger Phone POWER ON – Enter PIN and wait until idle Phone POWER OFF Connect charger – charge to 100% Disconnect charger Phone POWER ON

Hello world!

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IIS 7.0 components for Inventor 2010

Configure Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0

If you will be using Internet Information Services 7.0 with Autodesk Data Management Server, IIS 7.0 must be configured before installing Autodesk Data Management Server. Install IIS 7.0 and then configure the following system options in addition to the basic IIS configuration options.

TipIIS 7.0 will be loaded and configured automatically when installing Vault Server on a Windows Vista operating system.

From the Windows Start menu, select Control Panel.

In the Control Panel, double-click Programs.

From the Programs and Features group, select Turn Windows features on or off.

You are prompted to allow the application to run. Click Continue.

In the Windows Features dialog box, expand Internet Information Services > Web Management Tools > IIS 6 Management Compatibility.

Turn on the check box for IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility.

Expand Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Application Deve…

Pentium 4 HDD Configuration